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Most mulch that is used for commercial and landscaping applications is derived from a multitude of sources. Municipal and commercial waste diversion programs, and construction and demolition destruction programs are just a few of these sources. The problem with this practice is there is no quality control applied to the end product.

We at Foothill Soils, Inc. use only a single source from which mulches are made. All Foothill Soils mulches are composted, grinded and screened on site from freshly cut tree trimmings brought to us by local tree cutting companies. Thus, the quality and environmental benefits are fully realized ensuring maximum savings through water conservation and long healthy plant life.

Why Choose Organic Mulch?

  • Breaks down slowly and adds nutrients to the soil
  • Prevents most weeds from germinating
  • reduces the need to water, keeps the soil cool and moist
  • keeps dirt from splashing on flowers and vegetables
  • reduces erosion
  • reduces soil-borne diseases caused by splashing rain or irrigation water
  • eliminates soil crusting which can make it harder for seeds to germinate and rain to penetrate
  • helps roots develop better and extend deeper due to improved water retention

How Much Mulch Do You Need?

An overall depth of 3-4" should be maintained. Determining how much mulch you will need is easy. Determine the total square footage of the area to be mulched, then visit the Foothill Soils Calculator.

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