Transportation & Delivery

Foothill Soils provides unequaled customer satisfaction, we also provide product transportation and delivery. Our customers count on Foothill Soils to deliver on-time and on-scheduled. Deliveries are never sub-contracted out and are handled by the Foothill Soils Fleet of Trucks so that your employees never waste precious time and money waiting on a delivery. We maintain our fleet to the highest standards, helping us to reduce the impact of our trucks on the environment, provide consistent Quality of Service, and allow us to respond quickly to customer needs.

Cal Trans Case Study

In July of 2008, as Foothills Solis was closing for the evening and received a phone call from the California Department of Transportation. They required 800 yards of mulch delivered that same evening between the hours of 7:00pm and 12:00am. The team at Foothill Soils accepted and fulfilled the order. Foothill Soils was the first choice for Cal Trans, because our ability to manage the logistics of such a large order, because of our in-house fleet. We were able to make this last minute request ahead of schedule because of our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers, and our commitment to customer service.

Foothill Soils delivers the same level of customer satisfaction to all customers, big or small, when purchasing from Foothill Soils. In order to insure that your delivery is on time, please call us 24-hours in advance of the scheduled time you wish to have your product delivered.

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